Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Red Ridge Entertainment and the services we offer. Please contact us if you have any further questions.
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Can my band play on the record?

We will always prefer to use studio musicians, as they do this for a living and on an everyday basis. Most bands play in the studio once or twice a year. To use a humorous example, it would be like needing open heart surgery, and having a surgeon who performs the operation once or twice a year, as opposed to one who does it every day.

What is talent buying? How does this apply to me?

Red Ridge Entertainment works with many promoters of concerts, who often request major headliners. When we get the opportunity to purchase those acts from a major booking agency, that is talent buying. By having these relationships, it also gives us the opportunity to place acts that Red Ridge works with as a concert opener.

When can I go on tour?

Touring is based on the artist’s ability to work with managers and booking agents. Although we have connections within this realm of the music industry, recording your next project or producing a video does not automatically mean we provide you with shows. However, we will work very hard to secure shows for you. We also do a lot of talent buying, and have opportunities for opening act concerts.

Are you a management company?

No, we are not a management company. Through starting your next big project, we provide as much guidance as possible, but we don’t have the ability to physically stay with you throughout your career like a manager.

What happens AFTER I record my music and/or video production?

Red Ridge Entertainment will help guide you to your next steps. Our clients have an ongoing relationship with us due to the interest we take in furthering their career. Through further investments we have connections with radio promotion, major booking agencies, and the ability to buy onto tours.

Why can’t I use this recording that I did in (insert town)?

Red Ridge Entertainment promotes work that they were involved in the creation of. We have a standard of which we must uphold, if our name is attached to the product. During the audio and video production process, we get to learn about the artist, professionally and personally. This helps us chart the best course of action for the artist’s career.

Will you only work with me if I invest?

Yes. Red Ridge will do anything we can to support you, but this is done first through a partnership where you invest in the professional product that you produce here first. However, if your recording was created at a top-flight studio, with great session players, we could help with the booking and marketing of your product, i.e. video and radio promotion.

If I need help financing my project, what can I do?

We offer alternative financing options for our clients here.

If I have my own music production and I want to use it for my video, can I use it?

This is also very circumstantial. Generally speaking, we produce videos for artists we have built some sort of rapport with, which is usually (but not always) done first through music production. If we feel that your recordings are of a high enough quality, and that they could compete with the level of talent and production that you are up against when we attempt to book you as an opening act, then we will absolutely use them.

If I have another skill set that may be valuable to your company, can I inquire?