Rob's Rockabilly Revival

Rockabilly/Early Rock 'n' roll

Rob's Rockabilly revival is a new act we're putting the spotlight on here at Red Ridge Entertainment!

Frontman Rob Matthews fell in love with rock n roll at very young age. Rob's Rockabilly Revival seemed inevitable from the get-go after being introduced to Elvis Presley's music. Through old vinyl and VHS tapes, he became enamoured by the other originators of the 50's rock revolution. The would resonate in him, and paved the way for a deep love of the style, and serve as a natural progression to the stage.


From grade school he was known as the quirky, hyperactive kid; complete with a popped blue jean collar and slicked back hair. He'd be singing tunes like "Tear in my Beer" and "Big Boss Man" down the halls, which was only a harbinger to his father gifting him an old Yamaha acoustic guitar in his early teens. After collecting a bit of dust under his bed, a musical bond with a friend served as the catalyst to inspire him to legitimately pick it up.


Now, after years of performing and experimenting with multiple genres as a guitarist; he's back to his early roots. Equipped with a smooth voice, gritty growl, and an outlaw outlook; Rob's high energy and charismatic performances have been actively generating a buzz in Music City and beyond.

Check out his brand new quality EPK that we produced sound and video for here at Red Ridge Entertainment. It really captures the nostalgia of this timeless music with an original twist. With a fusion of rockabilly and country/western, the record (footage) shows he brings himself to light with his through music and presence. Big things are already rolling for Rob! Want to get your event "all shook up?"