Richie Santa A Tribute to Elvis

Richie Santa is a singer that's been performing as an Elvis tribute artist with a stage show that does not disappoint!

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY; he was exposed to Elvis at the early age of eight. Richie was instantly a fan. As the oldest of three boys, Richie would share his love for music and Elvis with his brother Robert, also a fellow entertainer. Trying to sing and move like the KING became an everyday occurrence in the Santa household.

Richie's career started in 1982 with a band called Neighborhood Jukebox. Jukebox was an oldies band and some highlights included opening up for Roy Orbision in 1984 and singing live on the Don K. Reed Do Wop-Shop Radio show on CBS's 101.1 FM. Richie also sang the title track to a short lived TV show back in 1989 called "Fast Forward."

It was around that time when a friend and comic Andrew Dice Clay had gotten his big break, and asked Richie and his band to back him up. Performing at such venues as Philli Spectrum, La Forum, Nassau Coliseum, and more; Richie got the chance to meet many stars along the way (Jerry Lewis, Danny Aiello, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rodney Dangerfield, etc). The highlight to touring with Andrew Dice Clay came in 1990 when the movie "Dice Rules" was filmed at Madison Square Garden. Richie remains good friends with, Andrew and on occasion he still performs with him.

Elvis is the reason Richie became an entertainer and why he is still going strong today! Life has been exciting for Richie since he has been pursuing his career as a tribute artist. Being the same height and weight as Elvis in his prime makes his show an even more believable experience. Then add the power of Richie's voice, and the transformation is complete.

Richie has performed over 600 shows as an Elvis Tribute Artist, focusing on the Vegas concert years. Most of these shows have been private affairs, but then he decided to get more involved. In July of 2011 he was part of Elvis Fest at the Hilton in Las Vegas. Soon after that Richie was off to Memphis for Elvis week. While in Memphis, he performed at the Cedar Hotel and at Graceland Plaza. He also managed to compete in his first contest "Images of The King," where he made it to the finals. Since then Richie competed in the Pocono Mountains, Lake George, New Hampshire, etc.

The Love and respect Richie has for Elvis is evident in all of his performances. Anyone who knows about Elvis knows how much he cared about his career and how much he loved his fans and treated them with kindness and patience, and Richie follows that lead as well.

Being personable by nature, Richie truly enjoys all the fans he has met along the way to celebrate the King's music. There will never be another Elvis Presley, but as long as his fans enjoy and support the music, Richie will continue to perform his show with the passion and the commitment to the greatest entertainer ever to grace a stage!

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