Mike Beach

Red Ridge Artist Mike Beach is another guy with a guitar in the way that a hurricane is just another strong wind. With a nuanced voice, rhythm-centric guitar style and high caliber songwriting talent, Beach captures the essence of what it means to be a country music performer. Add to the mix a compelling charisma which lures audiences to his stages time and again, and you'll understand why Beach is becoming a favorite within Nashville's vibrant music scene - and beyond.

Beach's journey to a musical career began in high school, when he discovered his passion for Show Choir, a group which thrived on high-octane choral singing, dancing and storytelling. It wasn't long before Beach's natural ability to entertain lured the entire school body to his performances - including students who definitely had better things to do than attend choir functions on a regular basis. Without a history of formal training, Beach relied on the instruction of his choir director and his own passion for inspiring profound emotional responses to the ideas he communicated through song.

Red Ridge Artist Mike Beach Takes to the Stage! After four years of singing and performing in high school, Beach was ready to deepen his commitment to a musical life. He bought a guitar and left everything he'd ever known for Nashville, Tennessee, the mecca of country music. He planted himself in the audience of every big name show in town and spent countless hours teaching himself to play guitar. When he was ready, Beach hit the downtown to try out his unique style on Nashville audiences. It wasn't long before the bookings came rolling in.

Red Ridge Artist Mike Beach is Ready for Your Venue! Today, Beach maintains a full calendar of Nashville performances while also traveling the United States to sing for festivals and private events. Beach's ability to captivate audiences and convert even the most hardcore punk fans into country music appreciators differentiates him from other performers and ensures his presence in the country music arena for decades to come. Beach's debut album, Son of a Beach, features a full slate of co-written material that burns the listener's soul with memories of heartbreak, first encounters and life's most extraordinary adventures.