Chi-Town Transit Authority Chicago Tribute

Atlanta-based Chi-Town Transit Authority is a seven-piece band that exclusively plays the timeless music of Chicago. They pride themselves in delivering live, authentic versions of Chicago's big hits, power ballads, and the deeper cuts not frequently heard. Chi-Town is configured to play the music how you would expect to hear it - each instrumentalist performs the role of the original band members and songs are played in their original keys. They have been wowing audiences with renditions from the famed "rock band with horns."

Each performance is a great time with lively crowd participation - singing, dancing, and rocking. Audiences are thrilled with their accurate and soulful renditions - soaring vocals, rocking guitars, and solid brassy horns - the cornerstones of the Chicago sound. They pay homage to Chicago's tremendous music catalog that spans over decades.

The Windy Symphony

The band's tribute band's name is inspired by the name of Chicago's debut album from 1969, "Chicago Transit Authority." Chicago's early years particularly offer up musical gems that Chi-Town Transit Authority highlight alongside their massive hits. Infusing their rock 'n' roll, jazz, bebop and classical sounds; the seven riders in the band try to stay as authentic as possible to the music bordering studious behavior.

Members of Chi-Town Transit Authority come from different walks of life. Ranging from early 40s to mid-60s, they are united by the utter talent of Chicago, and have the chops and presence to back it up.