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Southern Night Out - Tennessee Country Music Event - June 1st, 2019

Southern Night Out – Tennessee Country Music Event

Red Ridge Entertainment is proud to announce a new Tennessee country music event coming up featuring 3 of our Red Ridge artists, Warren Montgomery, Seth Michael, and Joey Nevada. They’ll be backed up by some of Red Ridge Entertainment’s most seasoned veteran session musicians! Dont miss Southern Night Out this June 1st in Tiptonville, Tennessee. See you there!

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May 13

Red Ridge Night at Miller Piano, Franklin Tennessee

Hey guys, we’re taking Red Ridge Night down south this month to Miller Piano Specialists in Franklin, Tennessee. Looking for a chance to showcase your vocals? Come and experience what it’s like to perform with a pro studio band! The Red Ridge Riders are comprised of some of Nashville’s most skilled and experienced studio musicians, and they’re always on the search for new talent. Contact Gary Sadker to line up your favorite cover tunes: 615-268-4023.

Click HERE to watch the live feed from our last Red Ridge Night

Mar 27

Back in Saddle Again with Warren Montgomery

Red Ridge and Company will be back in the studio this month recording new songs for Warren Montgomery. We’ll be bringing the team back to County Q in Nashville to cut some songs for Montgomery’s new album in anticipation of his Southern Night Out Festival he’ll be holding June 1st in Tiptonville, Tennessee. Check back with us at Red Ridge Entertainment for updates and show details.

Mar 18

Red Ridge Night is Back!

After a couple months hiatus, Red Ridge Night is back in full swing and at a new location, the Hotel Preston. Got a voice people need to hear? Come and experience what it’s like to perform with a hot studio band. The Red Ridge Riders are comprised of some of Nashville’s most skilled studio musicians. And they’re always on the search for new talent. Our next Red Ridge Night will be held on March 8th, 2019 from 8 to 11pm. Think you’ve got the stuff? Contact us to line up your favorite tunes 615-268-4023.

Feb 5

Brian Lee Bender New Video!

We at Red Ridge had the absolute pleasure of producing this beautiful video for Brian Lee Bender, a 2018 nominee for “Best New Country Artist.”

Filming “I’m Here to Party With You” was like being at an awesome pool party with your all of your best friends.

Want to know what a cannonball feels like all over again? Spin this track, fire up the bbq, and have your own party with Brian Lee Bender and his song “I’m Here To Party With You.”

Check out his website to follow all the latest news and releases here!

“I’m Here to Party With You”  NEW OFFICIAL VIDEO!

May 31

What’s a Red Ridge Night??

Our next Red Ridge Nights are Tuesday October 17th and November 7th and 14th at 8pm at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel.  Red Ridge puts on this event twice a month to engage Nashville’s music community.  During the event, RR provides a band consisting of professional musicians that have been involved with the company over the years whether in the studio or in live settings.  Throughout the night, vocalists can get on stage and sing their favorite covers backed by stellar musicians and inquire about RR if there’s any interest in doing a project with us.  In the area on any of these dates? Come see what it’s all about!  If you would like more information on this event feel free to call Gary Sadker at 615.268.4023.

Oct 11

Chris Webb Releases “Life In A River Town”

Chris Webb will be releasing his single “Life In A River Town” next week!!! Be sure to stay tuned for links and updates on this release!

Sep 22
Chris Webb

Chris Webb’s Video Release for “Life In A River Town”

We had the pleasure of working with Chris Webb on the video “Life In A River Town!”

Sullivan, Missouri’s own Chris Webb is definitely on to something with his debut Nashville recording (of the same title). His genre of choice, COUNTRY… the honest and genuine kind about small-town living, the joys of family, and the daily struggles of your everyday, average American. If you don’t think Chris fits that mold, just ask him and he’ll tell you that his life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster journey.

It was in Houston where Chris was discovered by famed producer, A.V. Mittlestead (Clint Black, Mark Chesnutt, Clay Walker, ZZ Top). Mittlestead took Chris under his wing, producing the first of many demos which would later help garner him the attention of some of Nashville’s Music Row executives.

As fate would have it, Chris’ songs caught the ear of Nashville producer, Gary Sadker and immediately, plans for a full-length album ensued. After carefully selecting the songs that would fit Chris’ rich, baritone voice and epitomize his down- home demeanor, the recording process began at Nashville’s prestigious Bayou Studios (Music Row).

Chris reflects on his studio experience at Red Ridge Entertainment by saying, “I had an absolutely amazing time making this record, and it was a privilege to have so many talented studio musicians and writers contribute to my project… We even dusted off an old Rick Nelson classic, ‘Lonesome Town’ and put our own contemporary spin on it. Gary picked out some incredible material for me to sing, and I think we hit a home-run!”

Webb’s dynamic new album “On To Something,” with a compelling debut single headed hitting the radio. Chris Webb is no doubt on to something, and Nashville has taken notice.

Check out this beautiful song/video that we at Red Ridge Entertainment produced for him HERE!

Sep 6