Music Production

Here at Red Ridge Entertainment, we pride ourselves on making sure all our recordings are radio ready and able to stand out in the music market in Nashville or anywhere else. Being based out of Nashville we do produce a lot of country music, but our experience spans a long list of genres all across the board. No matter the genre you play, our session musicians will provide your songs the depth of musicality you will need to reach a wide audience. Our producers and engineers will be sure to give you that broadcast quality sound every artist needs to compete in the music market. If songwriting is not your strongest suit, we also have the ability to acquire songs from major publishing companies for you to record and perform. Contact us to start your next great music project!

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Music Production Samples

Saad Khan – “I’m Your Island” Island/Pop

Dayna Lane – “Ain’t Had No Lovin”

Tim Ash – “Broke” Country/Rock

Lorrie Morgan & Corey Farlow – “Candy Kisses” Western Swing

Todd Foley – “Wishing Well”

Jarred Pierce – “It’s Going Down” 

Chad Bramlet – “Blackwater” Rock

Kyle Whitaker – “Strong” Country

Chris Webb – “Life in a River Town” Country

Sachi Bebeau – “I Want You Back” Pop/Rock

Chris James – “Desperado” Country

“Love Gone Mad” Pop-Rock

Wade Meeks – “Trudy” Traditional Country (Cover)

Rob Matthews – “A Big Hunk O’ Love” Rockabilly (Cover)


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