Hyram Posey- Western Swing Fiddle Player

Hyram Posey

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Hyram Posey

Hyram Posey, a two-time National Fancy Fiddle Champion and multi-award winner, is in demand as a composer, producer, and session player. A Grand ‘Ole Opry performer, Posey has played with the tops in the country and jazz music world. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has recorded four CD’s and is currently working on a solo piano CD. Hyram has performed as an artist with the Tucson Arizona Symphony Orchestra, and has been nominated for music awards, ranging from Western Swing, Jazz, Blues, R&B, New Age, and Country/Western Instrumentals. Posey composed and produced the sound track to “Dream On A Blue Horse”, (The musical drama written for New Mexico’s first outdoor amphitheatre). His original music compositions for motion pictures evokes hidden emotions and touches hearts in all scenes. He is well known from coast to coast in all music circles.

Hyram’s music has been hard to classify and has been best described as “Americana” or “Western Swing”. Memorable performances include guest artist spots at the Telluride Jazz Festival, Jazz concert- San Francisco’s Great American Music Theater, National Old-Time Fiddler’s Contest- Weiser, Idaho, New Mexico State Fiddler’s Contest, Arizona State Fiddler’s Contest, Grand Ole Opry, Ralph Emmory TV Show, Pm Magazine TV Shows, Arizona Magazine TV Show, Frets Magazine, Strings Magazine, New Mexico Magazine and special entertainment spots for the late Sen. Barry Goldwater. This exceptional player promises to add color and dimension to all performances.

“Hyram Posey’s music blows like a soft wind out of the southwest. It carries with it bits and pieces of mountain tops, canyons and the desert floor; and paints with all the colors of nature a wondrous sound both haunting and revealing. The listener is treated to images of smoke on the horizon, coyotes and hawks gliding on airstreams and wild rivers running free. A virtuoso muscian, Hyram Posey is one of a kind…original, and his music is AMERICA!”

-John Hartman, Alive Records, Hollywood, California