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Red Ridge Entertainment is a full service music and video production company that has been providing world-class recordings to artists all over the country for nearly 30 years. At Red Ridge Entertainment, our producers take pride in the level of attention we spend on each of our clients. Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned music veteran, Red Ridge can provide you the level of quality needed to stand out in the industry and help further your career.

Aside from our music production services, we also provide professional entertainment to talent buyers. Over the years, we have developed an extensive and diverse roster of event talent and artists that have a proven track record of success. No matter the theme or genre you are looking for, Red Ridge can find the right act for you. Contact us if you are a talent buyer seeking entertainment, or check out our artist page on our website to see what Red Ridge Entertainment can do for you.




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  • Sep 5

    Next Red Ridge Night September 9th

    The Red Ridge Riders will be at Music City Bar and Grill again September 9th from 6:30 to 9:30pm, to accompany some very talented guest singers.

    Would you like to be a guest singer at our Red Ridge Night? Message us or call Gary Sadker at (615) 268-4023

  • Aug 8

    Gary Grant to Sing at Red Ridge Night

    RRE is so pleased to be hosting Gary Grant in his return to Nashville. Come check him out at Red Ridge Night this Monday, August 12th at Music City Bar and Grill – No Cover!

    Nashville’s ever growing live music showcase is making it’s new home at Music City Bar and Grill. Our Red Ridge Nights are a wonderful opportunity for seasoned and aspiring singers to showcase their talents accompanied by a veteran Nashville studio band. Want to hear about the production services we offer? Inquire today or stop by our Red Ridge Nights and talk to a member of our production team.

    If you’d like to be a guest singer at our Red Ridge Night or have questions about our production services call Gary Sadker at (615) 268-4023.


  • Jul 25

    Red Ridge Night August 12th – Music City Bar and Grill

    Next Red Ridge Night coming up August 12th at the Music City Bar and Grill. No Cover as always!

    Our Red Ridge Nights are a great opportunity for aspiring singers to showcase their talents live with a pro studio band. Throughout the night, vocalists can get on stage and sing their favorite covers backed by stellar musicians and, if they wish, can inquire about Red Ridge Entertainment’s variety of recording artist services. Message or call if you’d like to be a guest singer: (615) 268-4023.